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Set up OpenLDAP master master replication on CentOS 7

🏷 Linux
Synchronize directory information data among multiple OpenLDAP master servers on CentOS 7, each of them can replicate new change from other OpenLDAP servers
October 11, 2022

Configure StartTLS to encrypt OpenLDAP connection on centos 7

🏷 Linux
Enable StartTLS on OpenLDAP CentOS 7 server with self-signed certificate and allow clients to authenticate to OpenLDAP server with StartTls
October 02, 2022

Configure OpenLDAP login for CentOS 7

🏷 Linux
Configure a CentOS 7 host to enable user authentication to OpenLDAP directory and allow LDAP identity to login
October 01, 2022

Disable anonymous bind for OpenLDAP in Centos7

🏷 Linux
Discuss what bind request is and how to configure them for OpenLDAP in Centos7
September 28, 2022

Install and configure OpenLDAP server in CentOS 7

🏷 Linux
Install OpenLDAP server, initialize OpenLDAP, apply common LDAP schema configuration and create users in OpenLDAP in CentOS 7
September 28, 2022

Nessus credential vulnerability scanning On non-domain join Windows server

🏷 Cyber Security
A guide to perform credential vulnerability scanning on non-domain join Windows server with Nessus scanner
June 20, 2022

Antivirus Definition Version Control for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Linux

🏷 Cyber Security
About the commands and configurations to freeze, update and rollback antivirus definition version for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Linux (MDATP)
June 12, 2022

Vulnerability Scanning in Microsoft Defender For Server

🏷 Cyber Security
Vulnerability Scanning in Microsoft Defender For Server
March 15, 2022

Least Permissive Role To Manage MFA In Azure AD

🏷 Azure, Azure Active Directory
A guide to manage Multi-factor authentication (MFA) with least permissive role in Azure AD
July 15, 2021

Azure Data Lake Gen 2 Access Control Overview

🏷 Azure
Configure different access control mechanisms, including Shared Key, SAS and RBAC, for Azure Data Lake Gen 2 on container, folder and blob level
January 30, 2021

How to connect to Azure Synapse in Azure Databricks

🏷 Azure, Data Engineering
Configure Azure Databricks notebook to connect, read & write data to Azure Synapse
January 02, 2021

How to store secrets in Azure Databricks

🏷 Azure, Data Engineering
A guide to store secret securely in Azure Databricks CLI and use it in Azure Databricks notebook
December 19, 2020

How to do string interpolation in Azure Data Factory

🏷 Azure, Data Engineering
interpolate variable into a string elegantly instead of built-in concat function in Azure Data Factory
December 05, 2020

How to change SharePoint Online List Item Permission by SharePoint API

🏷 SharePoint
Make SharePoint RESTful API call in Power Automate to change SharePoint Online List Item permission
June 10, 2020

Primary Key Design In AWS DynamoDB

🏷 AWS, Database
A guide about how AWS Dynamo DB use primary key to mange, sort and retrieve the data and considerations for picking a primary key
February 27, 2020

How to pass Azure AZ-900 exam in 20 hours

🏷 Azure
A simple guide about detail and objectives of AZ-900 with suggested practice tests and study materials
December 17, 2019

Access Local File System From Power Automate

🏷 Power Automate
Configure Power Automate to access on-premises local file system
July 04, 2019

Technical Terms in Chinese and English

Translate technical terms between Chinese and English
May 13, 2019

Pagination in Django detailView

🏷 Python, Django
Implement pagination in Django DetailView
May 11, 2019