My Projects


In the past, I thought I mastered some new technologies, knowledge after watching a bunch of videos and reading articles until I found that I still didn’t know how to apply these skills in a real challenge. After that, I started doing different kinds of projects, either for fun or for learning purpose.

Below are projects I have worked on and well-documented.

Attempt To Solve Geetest CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is widely adopted in various websites to protect them against bots. Geetest is a China company specializing in CAPTCHA Research and Development, it serves numerous multinational corporations, e.g Nike, Xiaomi.

I attempted to crack their CAPTCHAs on Geetest website with several techniques, including image processing and selenium automation. I summarised how I approach this problem, how I integrate different skills together to solve this problem in below write-up.

Project URL:

Source Code:

Online Car Parking Platform - BinLuIS

This is a group project I worked with my company’s IT trainees during a one-month bootcamp.

Our Platform serves as a middleman to bring car parking service provider and customers together. Customers just need to tell us when and where they want their cars to be parked, our platform will arrange parking clerks to handle the rest of the car parking. On the other hand, car parking service providers can use this platform to reach more potential customers and grow.

Project URL:

Source Code:

  1. BinLuIS Backend
  2. BinLuIS Mobile Web App
  3. BinLuIS Management Console