Technical Terms in Chinese and English

May 13, 2019

Because of job nature, I need to discuss with Chinese Engineers who oftern use some technical words in Chinese, so I decide to write a list of common words which help me (and you hopefully)during the email communication.

Information Technology Infrastructure (资讯科技基础建设)

  • Domain (域)
  • Domain Controller (域控)
  • Active Directory (活动目录)

System Design (系统设计)

  • Cache (缓存)
  • Database (数据库)
  • High Availability (高可用性)
  • Disaster Recovery (灾难復原)

Programming (编程)

  • Object-oriented programming (面向对象)
  • Programming Language (编程语言)

Data Science (数据科学)

  • Big Data (大数据)
  • Machine Learning (机器学习)
  • Deep Learning (深度学习)
  • Data Analytics (数据分析)

Common Terms (常用词彙)

  • Application (应用程式)
  • Server (伺服器)
  • Client (客户端)
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