Online Car Parking Platform - BinLuIS

May 02, 2019


In today's digital era, more and more traditional industries are undergoing digital transformation, specifically becoming in O2O(Online to Offline) model. With Internet, enterprises can promote and attract billions of customers, then sell their products to customers offline.

In last year, our company IT trainees (including me :)) joined a bootcamp and developed a car parking system (BinLuIS) operating in O2O model.

Business Model

We position our application as a global car parking service platform. Car Parking Service Provider will register their resources in our platform, including parking lots, parking clerks, corresponding managers. After that, we will attract customers to place car pakring orders in our platform, registered parking clerks will compete car parking orders for commission.

Managers in each car service providing will manage their own resources, including parking clerks and parking lots. For example, managers will assign parking lots to parking clerks so that parking clerks can have their parking lots for car parking or managers can assign unresponded car parking request to parking clerks to make sure every car parking order is well-handled.

We earn moeny from two aspects, one is advertisement, another one is licenses

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