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How does pagination in DetailView look like? How to Implement it?

How to do pagination in Django DetailView

I was learning how to create a mini blog in Django from a series of great tutorials, it discuss the fundamental building blocks of Web Developement in Django. Django provides two elgant views, ListView and DetailView to display a list of single objects (e.g. post) and the detail of each object (e.g. comments of each object), this tutorial shares a way to do pagination on ListView, for example divide a list of 10 posts into 2 pages, and I would like to supplement more here, especially how to do pagination on DetailView, for example divide a list of comments of a blog into several pages.

We need to first get a list of related objects which we want to pagainate and show in DetailView and then pass in as a parameter, object_list, so that our template can access the object_list variable


class BlogDetailView(generic.DetailView,MultipleObjectMixin):
    model = Blog
    paginate_by = 1

    def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
        object_list = Comment.objects.filter(blog=self.object)
        context = super(BlogDetailView, self).get_context_data(object_list=object_list, **kwargs)
        context['form'] = CommentForm()
        return context


{% for comment in object_list %}
  <p>By {{comment.commenter}}</p>
  <p>At {{comment.datetime}}</p>
{% endfor %}